Volleyball Tournament: East Beach

This weekend I signed up to play in a beach volleyball tournament at East Beach, Santa Barbara.  The tournament was through CBVA and was a men’s tournament.  I played with a partner from another school who’s a pretty good friend.  We showed up to the tournament at around 8:30 AM and started warming up for our first game at 9:15 ish.  Unfortunately, we played in 5 team pool with only one other high school team.  Our first game was against a team who were in their 30’s, and they were pretty decent. We lost the game 12-21 and it was pretty rough.  Then we played against a high school team and beat them by about 6 points.  We then went against a UCSB men’s doubles team and got beat badly as expected.  I was actually impressed by how we played, and despite the 8-21 loss, we rallied most of the points and made a lot of good plays.  After being eliminated from our pool, we went over to East Beach Grill and had burgers, fries, and shakes.  After that we got back to the beach and played doubles for another hour or so; we jumped in the ocean to cool down before we left the beach.

We met up at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club later and enjoyed some Arnold Palmers and beach views.  Finally, I met up with my friend Christian and we went to 1000 steps beach to take some pictures of the sunset.  The picture above has no color correction and the one below is edited slightly.  We messed around with the camera’s settings and upped the exposure to add a mist effect to the water.  We stayed there until about 8 PM then headed over to Mesa Burger to have some chicken sandwiches.  Then we headed over to his house and watched a movie and I spent the night.  The next day was Sunday and we went back to the beach to play a bit more volleyball.  About 8 people showed up so we had enough for 4 teams, but we only took up one court.  I was surprised that there was parking at 10 in the morning with great weather conditions.  Great Weekend!


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