Santa Barbara Zoo

This past week I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo with my cousin and my brother.  We found free tickets and had about 20 bucks in total so we decided to scope the elephants and get some grub at the restaurant which is, by the way, quite overpriced.  I think it was something like 12 bucks for a burger and fries without a drink.  Anyway, I had not gone to the zoo for about 3 years or so before we went and I figured it was a good time to go.  My cousin Austin and I had nothing to do on Sunday and the idea popped up.

When we got to the zoo our first stop was the Giraffe enclosure.  I don’t think I’ve been to the zoo since the death of the crooked neck one so being able to see them was a pretty neat experience.  Emily, a friend that works at the exhibit, told me about how their long necks help them reach food in high places.  Obviously I already knew that.  She continued to pick up the animal feces with her bare hands and constantly applying hand sanitizer.  We then went to the elephant enclosure to see our personal favorite mammals.  They were being fed at the time and Emily was cleaning up the massive amount of dung that the elephants excreted from their rear.  She followed them around making sure there was none left and when there wasn’t she left to another exhibit.  She then moved on to the tortoise enclosure to clean up after them as well.  I just realized that this blog is pretty focused on Ineka and how she has to clean up after all the animals.

At the end of our adventure we went to the reptilian section and I watched Riley go through the aquariums and clean the enclosures.  I guess the day I went was one of the days where they focus on cleaning the animals habitats because that’s basically all that seemed to go on during the day.  JACQUELINE, my other friend, met up with us and she took us to her house and taught us how to cook Italian sausage.  Overall, it was a pretty sick weekend.


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