Santa Cruz Island

I’ve been  wanting to go to the channel islands for a long time, and last weekend I was finally able to go.  It was about 11:15 AM on Friday at school, and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the islands.  I immediately responded yes and let my cousin know that we were both invited to go.  I went over to his house after school after I got my stuff together for the trip.  He owns a yacht and goes out to the islands every few months or so.  We all went to bed early and slept despite our excitement (we needed to be well rested).

We woke up at around 7 AM and loaded everything in the car.  Our car rolled up to the Santa Barbara harbor at 7:30, and we put our belongings in dock carts to be taken to the boat.  We then stopped by On The Alley restaurant and got  delicious breakfast burritos.  Then we got on the boat and enjoyed our bacon burritos as we left the harbor.  The day was perfect.  Blue skies surrounded us and warm wind brushed against us traveling at about 10 knots towards the big island.  Santa Cruz is the largest of the Channel Islands and the closest to the mainland.  We were pleasantly surprised to see how green the island was and were eager to take the skiff out to it.  At first we wanted to swim out to the island but after jumping off the yacht into the water we discovered how cold the water was.  We went skurfing with his skiff because the water was glassy.  Then we went to the island itself and went on a hike.  The wild flowers and succulents were blooming and the rocky beaches were filled with with bright red crabs.  We jumped off the cliff faces into the chilly water but it was totally worth it.  The hike lasted about an hour until we made it to the pier where we jumped off that as well.  Eventually, we made it to the boat after swimming to it instead of taking the skiff.  We slept during the 2 hour ride home because we were exhausted.  Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would absolutely go again.


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