This Weekend was Rad

Lately I’ve been studying a lot on the weekends and haven’t had much time to relax.  This weekend was not the case.  I finally was able to do my own thing and not need to worry about catching up on missing assignments and instead catch up on much needed downtime.  The weekend started off on Friday night when my friend had a birthday dinner.  We all were able to eat a big plate of spaghetti and garlic bread that his mom made.  I had a great time hanging with all of my buddies at his house and was happy to share a big meal with all of them.  I was especially happy when our plans followed through to be able to go to the Glenn Annie Golf Course.  We all brought our boards and made sure we took off the fins before we left.  Fortunately, it had misted on the golf course before we arrived.  Thus our plans to slide down the hills on boards was not compromised by bad weather; in fact it actually helped us slide faster.  My friend Miles slipped backwards and hit his head though, which wasn’t fun to deal with.

On Saturday I awoke at my friend Jesse’s house thinking it was about 11 am, but it was really only nine.  My cousin Austin, Jesse, and I really wanted to do something fun but couldn’t decide on what to do.  So we were hungry enough to drive to Isla Vista to go to the Bagel Cafe, which is now my favorite bagel/breakfast place in SB and Goleta.  When we got there we realized that many college students were roaming around in minimal clothing carrying racks of beer and handles.  We wondered what all that was about so we were eating our bagels when we heard someone mention Deltopia, which is a giant party at UCSB on the beach.  Our eyes lit up at the sound of that, and we wondered what the party would be if the beaches were so high tide.  To make a long story short, the street of Del Mar was packed with drunk students and we walked through giving everyone high fives and getting free burgers.  It was a great time and we definitely want to go back next year.


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