Spring Break: San Diego

This past week was spring break!  Many of my friends were fortunate enough to go to Mexico, Hawaii, East coast, etc.  However, my trip to Hawaii got canceled and moved to Summer.  So at least I am still going despite not going last week.  Fortunately I have something to look forward to now.  I can’t say that this totally ruined my spring break because we spontaneously decided to go to a city that I don’t spend a particularly significant amount of time in.  San Diego! I was totally stoked when I learned we were staying on the beach in Coronado.  In case you don’t know, its an island off the coast of San Diego connected by a humongous  bridge.   I decided to bring a friend with, and from Santa Barbara its about a four hour drive depending on traffic.  The first day we got to our condo to find many super cars in the parking garage.  I was really excited to see the Ferrari’s, I8’s, NSX’s and so fourth.  I took a picture of the Acura NSX because it is one of my dream cars and costs a hefty 190 grand.

Once we got to our condo we hit the pool and hot tub on the beach.  It was relaxing to see the ocean from the pool deck.  We went out to get dinner and came back with full bellies and watched movies.  The next day we all went to Encinitas to visit some friends and to skate a massive bowl.  It was named after a pair of iguanas and thus called the iguana bowl.  We ate at this pirate themed breakfast place that was very inexpensive yet surprisingly delicious.  My breakfast consisted of home fries, two eggs, two sausages, sourdough toast, and orange juice for only 6 dollars.  We later went to Swami’s beach to check the surf and to find out that there was none.

We finally went to La Jolla where we all wanted to get ice cream.  We went to one of there various beaches while toting our cones in hand.  The sunset was beautiful and we enjoyed the waves crashing on the rocks we sat on.  It was a trip to remember, especially because it was my first time touring San Diego.


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