My Weekend

This last weekend I had a lot of homework.  Typically I don’t have too much but I was sick for most of the week so I had a lot of catching up to do.  I was able to divide enough time from Friday to Sunday so that I could finish all the work I needed to do.  Anyways, I got a new phone about a month ago and I wasn’t really able to spend time testing out the new camera.  My mom’s friend’s kid needed a babysitter so she asked me if I could.  I said yes so I spent a couple hours at the beach with him and figured I’d kill two birds with one stone by fiddling with my camera settings and getting paid to babysit.  I needed to watch a few videos on youtube that described the specific details of the camera I have and what type of shots it’s designed for.  I went to the beach and had a good time walking my dog and babysitting a family friend.  My phone had about 50 more photos on it by the time I got home but they didn’t look that good, and so I called up my friend to see if he wanted to hangout.

So my friend Bryce and I met up and decided to go to state street to get food and dessert.  We parked in the massive parking garage and headed over to downtown SB.  When we got to Paseo Nuevo we went to Panda Express and got orange chicken and fried rice.  As we enjoyed our Asian cuisine we walked all the way down state street until we got to the sb pier.  We got ice cream as we made our way to the harbor.  As the sun set I remembered that I wanted to try the low light setting on my camera.  I took the picture below and I’m not sure if it turned out the way I wanted it to.  Obviously it’s not a great picture but compared to other low light pictures that I’ve seen on older versions of Iphone it’s much better.  Maybe I can get some better ones for next week.


Santa Cruz Island

I’ve been  wanting to go to the channel islands for a long time, and last weekend I was finally able to go.  It was about 11:15 AM on Friday at school, and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the islands.  I immediately responded yes and let my cousin know that we were both invited to go.  I went over to his house after school after I got my stuff together for the trip.  He owns a yacht and goes out to the islands every few months or so.  We all went to bed early and slept despite our excitement (we needed to be well rested).

We woke up at around 7 AM and loaded everything in the car.  Our car rolled up to the Santa Barbara harbor at 7:30, and we put our belongings in dock carts to be taken to the boat.  We then stopped by On The Alley restaurant and got  delicious breakfast burritos.  Then we got on the boat and enjoyed our bacon burritos as we left the harbor.  The day was perfect.  Blue skies surrounded us and warm wind brushed against us traveling at about 10 knots towards the big island.  Santa Cruz is the largest of the Channel Islands and the closest to the mainland.  We were pleasantly surprised to see how green the island was and were eager to take the skiff out to it.  At first we wanted to swim out to the island but after jumping off the yacht into the water we discovered how cold the water was.  We went skurfing with his skiff because the water was glassy.  Then we went to the island itself and went on a hike.  The wild flowers and succulents were blooming and the rocky beaches were filled with with bright red crabs.  We jumped off the cliff faces into the chilly water but it was totally worth it.  The hike lasted about an hour until we made it to the pier where we jumped off that as well.  Eventually, we made it to the boat after swimming to it instead of taking the skiff.  We slept during the 2 hour ride home because we were exhausted.  Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would absolutely go again.

This Weekend was Rad

Lately I’ve been studying a lot on the weekends and haven’t had much time to relax.  This weekend was not the case.  I finally was able to do my own thing and not need to worry about catching up on missing assignments and instead catch up on much needed downtime.  The weekend started off on Friday night when my friend had a birthday dinner.  We all were able to eat a big plate of spaghetti and garlic bread that his mom made.  I had a great time hanging with all of my buddies at his house and was happy to share a big meal with all of them.  I was especially happy when our plans followed through to be able to go to the Glenn Annie Golf Course.  We all brought our boards and made sure we took off the fins before we left.  Fortunately, it had misted on the golf course before we arrived.  Thus our plans to slide down the hills on boards was not compromised by bad weather; in fact it actually helped us slide faster.  My friend Miles slipped backwards and hit his head though, which wasn’t fun to deal with.

On Saturday I awoke at my friend Jesse’s house thinking it was about 11 am, but it was really only nine.  My cousin Austin, Jesse, and I really wanted to do something fun but couldn’t decide on what to do.  So we were hungry enough to drive to Isla Vista to go to the Bagel Cafe, which is now my favorite bagel/breakfast place in SB and Goleta.  When we got there we realized that many college students were roaming around in minimal clothing carrying racks of beer and handles.  We wondered what all that was about so we were eating our bagels when we heard someone mention Deltopia, which is a giant party at UCSB on the beach.  Our eyes lit up at the sound of that, and we wondered what the party would be if the beaches were so high tide.  To make a long story short, the street of Del Mar was packed with drunk students and we walked through giving everyone high fives and getting free burgers.  It was a great time and we definitely want to go back next year.

Spring Break: San Diego

This past week was spring break!  Many of my friends were fortunate enough to go to Mexico, Hawaii, East coast, etc.  However, my trip to Hawaii got canceled and moved to Summer.  So at least I am still going despite not going last week.  Fortunately I have something to look forward to now.  I can’t say that this totally ruined my spring break because we spontaneously decided to go to a city that I don’t spend a particularly significant amount of time in.  San Diego! I was totally stoked when I learned we were staying on the beach in Coronado.  In case you don’t know, its an island off the coast of San Diego connected by a humongous  bridge.   I decided to bring a friend with, and from Santa Barbara its about a four hour drive depending on traffic.  The first day we got to our condo to find many super cars in the parking garage.  I was really excited to see the Ferrari’s, I8’s, NSX’s and so fourth.  I took a picture of the Acura NSX because it is one of my dream cars and costs a hefty 190 grand.

Once we got to our condo we hit the pool and hot tub on the beach.  It was relaxing to see the ocean from the pool deck.  We went out to get dinner and came back with full bellies and watched movies.  The next day we all went to Encinitas to visit some friends and to skate a massive bowl.  It was named after a pair of iguanas and thus called the iguana bowl.  We ate at this pirate themed breakfast place that was very inexpensive yet surprisingly delicious.  My breakfast consisted of home fries, two eggs, two sausages, sourdough toast, and orange juice for only 6 dollars.  We later went to Swami’s beach to check the surf and to find out that there was none.

We finally went to La Jolla where we all wanted to get ice cream.  We went to one of there various beaches while toting our cones in hand.  The sunset was beautiful and we enjoyed the waves crashing on the rocks we sat on.  It was a trip to remember, especially because it was my first time touring San Diego.