East Beach: Volleyball and The Habit

Two weekends ago I suffered an injury to my right ankle.  I got it x-rayed and found out that it was possibly fractured but most likely only sprained.  A week later I found myself tempted to go to the beach even though my foot was still pretty bruised up.  So I brought my dog and met my friends at East Beach.  The parking situation at the beach is unpredictable, but generally it’s quite difficult to find parking on a sunny Sunday.  I found myself diving in what felt like circles for about 25 minutes until I was frustrated enough to park in the paid area.  When I realized it would cost 6 dollars to park, I zoomed out of the lot and back to the circle of uncertainty.  After about 10 more minutes it felt like seeing an oasis in a desert; I had found a spot.  I hobbled out of my car without crutches and struggled to keep my dog under control on the leash because his excitement was through the roof (no pun intended).   I met my homies on the beach court and, because I wasn’t able to play, I only served for about 40 minutes.  We were all dehydrated, but luckily I had brought water bottles for all of us.  Always bring excess water to this beach!  Or any beach really.

  After we left the beach, we chose to go to one of my favorite burger chains: The Habit.  This is not the best pic of me but one that I got (and I like how Finn is in the corner begging).  I ordered a lettuce-wrapped BBQ bacon charburger  and half-fries half-onion rings.  Oh and an ice cold Arnold Palmer.  The meal was great and the day better.  I topped it off by going downtown with my friend Cameron and getting new shoes.  We also went to Hope ranch to check out the sunset, but were bummed out when it was way too foggy.  Overall, I had an amazing weekend and I was glad to have spent it with my dog Finn and all my friends.  Next week is spring break and I hope to have an exciting post to share with you all!


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