Butterfly Beach: Homecoming tb

This week’s post I’m changing it up a little and doing a throwback to homecoming.  This took place in the fall and was a spectacular night for a lot of people.  Anyways, earlier in the day- which I believe was a Saturday- a group of us wanted to surf.  We set out at about 11 am and found the water to be quite rough and stormy.  Only a couple of us were able to catch waves but most of us did not.  We went back to shore and waddled with our wet suits over to my friends house on the beach.  I took off my suit at the outside shower and left to meet up with my friend Cameron before homecoming.

Later in the day the crappy weather cleared up and we all met up to take photos before the coming homecoming dance.  We all had our suits and ties or bow ties on and met up at around 5:30.  Butterfly beach is a popular place to take photos before events because of its beauty.  It’s located next to Hammond’s beach, the Coral Casino, and the Biltmore Hotel.  So basically its the beach most loved by tourists and locals alike.  In addition, its one of the most expensive beaches to stay overnight.

We finally, with our group of about 20 people, all showed up to the beach for pictures.  We were all looking dapper af and took some great pics.  After we finished taking pictures, we all got in vans and drove over to our friends house to have a pre-dance feast.  They served spaghetti, garlic bread, burgers, hot dogs, chips and salsa, soda, and a variety of deserts.  I ate about 5 times my body weight and completely forgot about the dance.  I played GTA 5 on an overly full stomach for about an hour while we waited for the girls to get ready.  When everyone was fully prepped, we got back in our respective vans and skirted to homecoming at Santa Barbara High.  A great day at the beach and an amazing dinner was topped off by a marvelous dance.  Definitely a highlight of the year.


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