Hollister Ranch: Beach Day

This weekend I decided to have a relaxing time, so I called my cousin who lives at Hollister Ranch and asked, “Is there surf today?”  He  responded by saying no, but fortunately he said it was a beautiful and sunny day.  So I quickly jumped up from my bed at about 9 am and threw on some board shorts.  My friend said he wanted to go with me and so I let him know we would leave at 10.  He then showed up to my house and we put some lunch and snacks together before leaving and flew out the door.   But before we drove off, I heard my puppy whimper.  I looked over at the door and instantly couldn’t leave him behind.  I opened up the front door again and he sat there looking at me with his big sad eyes.  “Lets go to the beach Finn!”  I picked his thirty pound body off the floor and gingerly crept to my car.  I placed him down and put on his puppy seat belt, and off we went!

The car ride was interrupted by a quick stop at Tino’s subs (I recommend if you are in the area) and got two super deluxe’s.  I also got Finn a meat stick to chew on during the 40 minute car ride North of Santa Barbara.  We finally got to the gate where we are let in to the ranch, which is right next to Gaviota State Beach.  We drove through the windy ranch road and passed by a few happy campers on the way there.

We finally arrived at the beach and I let my dog loose.  He ran down the stairs and as soon as his paws hit the sand he took off down the sandy coast.  We set up a spot on the beach and took a dive in the surprisingly warm water.  Finn followed us in and swam gracefully as the waves washed past him.  He approached me as I was on my Wavestorm and he got on with me.  There was enough room for me to paddle him around, and I got us into a wave.  He freaked out and jumped off the board and swam to safety.  Overall the day was amazing and I’m glad my puppy got to join me.


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