Hikin’ Lizards Mouth


Recently a couple of friends and I got together and decided to hike up to Lizards mouth for the sunset.  We had just got back from surfing at Hollister ranch when the idea popped up, so we quickly got appropriate clothing by stopping by my house.  We then stopped by In N Out and grabbed some burgers before heading up.  From Goleta it’s about a 30 minute drive up the Santa Barbara mountains through the pass.


The “hike” is really not much of one if you drive to the top of the trail first.  So about 20 minutes was necessary to walk up to the spot.  It is dubbed Lizards Mouth because there is a large rock near the top that resembles a lizard. We could have brought our climbing equipment to the spot, but we chose not to.  In fact, a lot of people bring equipment to climb the face of the rock.  Anyways, our group encountered a larger group of people we know.  We conjoined at the trail head and began the hike.  A few of us got sidetracked and meandered around the mountain for about 30 minutes until we somehow found the top.


We perched over the side of the rock and peered down the 20-30 foot rock wall.  We then took out the snacks we brought and ate as we watched the sun set.  More people sat around us on the rock and so there were about 25 people.  We had some good conversations as we enjoyed an amazing view.  The island were perfectly outlined in the horizon, and the clouds captured the reflection from the sea.


We stayed a little bit after the sun set, but the moon gave us enough light to help us find our way.  Unfortunately, we got lost in the sauce.  Our crew went the wrong direction for about 10 minutes until we realized that the path was not familiar.   We kinda freaked out and took out our phones for gps, but there was no reception.  So finally, a member of our guys directed us the right way.  We found our cars and were able to make it home safe and sound.


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