The Pit // Hendry’s beach

The Mesa or “table” is a well-known sector of Santa Barbara.  It sits above the city, stands parallel to the mountains,  and lies adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.  Last weekend me and some amigos decided to trek to a somewhat secret location (partially because it’s private property) above Arroyo Burro beach, or better known as the Pit.  When the conditions are right, the sunsets can be spectacular.  This particular sunset happened to be amazing.  After an hour of hiking in the mountains earlier in the day we made the decision to check out the surf conditions.  Although we were met with little to no surf, we had fortunately stumbled upon an unexpected gem.  After witnessing what we thought was arguably the most beautiful set we’ve ever seen, we scurried home and returned with our cameras.    

We perched on the cliff edge soaking up the warm rays and absorbing the fascinating view. The first images shown were shot with iPhone while the last with a Nikon D300 telephoto lens.  The lighting was prime for about 30 minutes until in became too dark.


The restaurant that lies below the stairwell to the top, known as the boathouse,  is a popular beach side restaurant and is a great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also feature a take out option for those who prefer to eat on the beach or are in a hurry.

Image result for hendry's beach boaTHOUSE

When no one lies below the steep cliff, its enjoyable to hit golf balls into the ocean below.  It’s a relaxing pastime especially with friends.  My friend Austin and I have a competition to see who can hit the ball the farthest.  The view is remarkable and having a set of clubs around can be a cherry on top.  We bring up a speaker to the top of the cliff and sometimes lawn chairs to hangout.  If there is ever swell we will surf and sometimes sponge or body board.  The beach itself is a prime place to walk your dogs both on and on leash and is a rarity being the parking is free.  If your dog is too dirty to get into your car, there is actually a dog washing station that’s convenient, inexpensive and helps fund the park.  Lifeguards are present for most of the week depending on the day and time.  Overall, this is a very kid/dog/family/tourist/surfer beach and is a great spot to check out a Santa Barbara sunset.  I recommend coming to this spot if you are in for a good time!


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